K9 Rescue International focus on 3 main projects – our #FrontlineFeedingProgram in Ukraine; our ambitious open-space natural shelter project and our #MealADayForAStray feeding program in Northern Macedonia.


Frontline Feeding Program

Every month our Director Nick, goes down to meet our team in #Kharkiv and help them with our #FrontlineFeedingProgram - delivering vital food and medical aid to both the abandoned dogs and cats of war as well as owned animals in destroyed villages whose families have literally been left with nothing and no means to feed their animals.


Shelter Project

The very first of our Cage Free Natural Shelter projects is in Ukraine, as with no Traces Compliance system in place for homeless animals, the EU borders are currently closed to homeless Ukrainian dogs and cats. Our Shelter Project will change this and enable the abandoned animals of War to be prepared for onward rehoming in Western Europe.


A Meal a Day for a Stray

K9 Rescue International works with independent rescuers in Northern Macedonia, helping to fund the street feeding stations for the feral dog and cat populations. Funds for food for winter in Macedonia are desperately needed - please help us provide the feed needed to keep this vital program going to feed the strays through winter

Change a life today

Ever since the first animal shelters opened in the 19th Century, dogs and cats have been housed in cages.  Our open-space natural shelter concept is based on cage free housing because dogs and cats are social animals.