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War dog needs your help

After all the bombings and artillery we went through yesterday, I have some excellent news for you. On our way out of the villages, we went to see the soldiers that gave us a dog to take to the vet as she was hit by a car last week. BUT we need your help.

Helping residents of Kharkiv

These are some of the faces of Kharkiv, Ukraine who could not flee when the Russians came; they stayed instead to care for their animals. Now that their villages have been demilitarized, they have been left with nothing; no running water, no power, no food and no stores left or money to buy any supplies.

Beauty in the chaos

You may know from our recent post that we are planning another trip to Ukraine. This time we target the East of Ukraine to deliver animal supplies to as many shelters as we can - the intention is to get to Kharkiv, Dnipro and other places in the Donbass region. The preparation time is a very emotional part of our work as we never know what we are going to expect. It's therefore essential for us not to forget that there is beauty in the chaos. I decided therefore to write a little article about this beauty.

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