The word Animal Welfare doesn’t exist in Macedonia, with an estimated 1 million strays living on the streets, falling prey to being run over by a tram or car to sustain horrific injuries, with others falling victim to the routine poisonings, beatings, shootings and general abuse that life on the streets deals the street dogs. Even now, in the 21st century, rescue is in its infancy, with no adequate shelter system, and incarceration in the Government Pounds being a one-way ticket with the most horrific animal rights record, and terrible suffering everywhere :’/

There are no private dog shelters and only a couple of charities working in the whole of Macedonia at the moment, with no opportunities for rehoming… all of which means there is not much hope for those dogs or cats lucky enough to actually be rescued from the street, and with no adoptions, there is no room for more to be rescued.

Yet there are a lot of good young people all striving to help the feral dogs and cats, with street feeding stations being organised in all the areas where street animals gather; much of the costs of which are paid for out of their own small incomes – yet they need a lot of help, as unemployment is high and wages are low, so these good hearted angels struggle to pay for the feed that they need.

Will you help?  Just $10 will buy a bag of feed for 3 puppies for a week and with winter coming, these angels need all the help they can get.

Thank you!

There are around a million feral dogs and cats on the streets of Northern Macedonia, with natural food in scarce supply, they fall prey to starvation, sickness and also human abuse – it hurts my heart every day to see them, and we do as much as we can to help them with your donations, thank you

K9 Rescue International works with independent rescuers in Northern Macedonia, helping to fund the street feeding stations for the feral dog and cat populations.   One of our long term partners, Mimi Mishevska, who runs Mimi’s Forgotten Dogs, as been feeding and also rescuing feral dogs and cats from the streets in and around Skopje since 2010

The situation in Northern Macedonia the feral dogs and cats have to endure is horrific – the amount of suffering that we see on a daily basis is unbearable, and the authorities here are not interested in finding a humane solution to ease this suffering, so it is left to us as animal defenders to help them – yet funds are always in short supply, and it is pure heartbreak when we have to turn these poor souls away, as there is just no food left, and no money to buy anymore.  We are in an endless cycle of torture of our hearts, having to witness this level of suffering on a daily basis and know that we are powerless to do anything about it.

~ Mimi Mishevska, Mimi’s Forgotten Dogs Northern Macedonia

Funds for food for winter in Macedonia are desperately needed – please help us provide the feed needed to keep this vital program going to feed the strays through winter – just $10 will feed 3 puppies for a week, so every cent really does count.

Please support this lifeline for the strays today, thank you



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Ever since the first animal shelters opened in the 19th Century, dogs and cats have been housed in cages.  Our open-space natural shelter concept is based on cage free housing because dogs and cats are social animals.