Over a million animals have been abandoned in Ukraine since February 2022 with many left starving and without shelter.

K9 Rescue International is working on the frontline of East Ukraine, evacuating animals from danger zones as well as delivering vital food and medical aid to both abandoned animals and owned animals in destroyed villages whose families have literally been left with nothing and no means to feed their animals.

Every month our Director Nick, goes down to meet our team in #Kharkiv and help them with our #FrontlineFeedingProgram – delivering food and medical supplies to both the abandoned dogs and cats and owned animals in the deoccupied villages – the occupiers have left these villages literally with nothing; with the constant shelling, homes were razed to the ground and people are literally living in ruins, with no infrastructure, no gas or electricity and no shops to buy anything, nor any transport to get supplies as the occupiers stole everything they could, including all the vehicles.

It’s pure heartbreak to witness the atrocities that have taken place in these villages, the death and destruction left in the occupiers wake – your donations mean everything to these people and animals – few other NGO’s are getting supplies to these villages, we are only able to do so thanks to the connections of our team; Pavel, Tom and Svetlana who have been working with the military to gain access to these hard hit areas.

The villages have been cut off for a long time and for the first time now they see animal rescue rolling in. The hugs, the smiles, the thank you’s, they are very real


Our work is full of challenges, hampering the work of our own team in the #Kharkiv region delivering our #frontlinefeedingprogram – it’s a dangerous mission, our team together with our own Director Nick Tadd were bombed last month whilst delivering aid to one of the deoccupied villages.  They need to be constantly on high alert not to trigger trip wires or step on one of the many air dropped tiny toy-like ‘butterfly’ mines that are indiscriminately spread everywhere by the occupiers as they retreat – killing and maiming people, children and animals – it will take years, if not decades, to get rid of them – the mines are a direct threat to both people and animals; particularly children and free roaming animals who are constantly subjected to death or losing a limb to a hidden mine, requiring us to evacuate many dogs and cats to tend to injured limbs due to mines.

We were in Lyptsi today, which is 13 kilometres from the Russian border. This village was very recently liberated. They were under occupation for 200 days. The damage we see on the roads is massive. It’s not like I havent seen damage here in Ukraine before, but this, this is total annihilation. And this is all civilian territory. There is nothing to gain here for Russia but a bodycount. And they did. Missiles are sticking out of the ground everywhere. Burned out tanks and APCs litter the roads. There is a lot of heavy artillery sounds in the background, not too close luckily. Before we go in, a stern warning. DO NOT step in the grass (this zone has not been fully demined yet) DO NOT pick anything up and DO NOT open any gates or doors (potential boobytraps) There is zero room for errors here.

~ Angela Stoop, Veterinary Technician Volunteer, September 23, 2022

Yet more funds are desperately needed – by donating today, you will help us continue these critical services and literally be saving a life – just 50 cents pays for one meal for a dog or cat, so every cent really does count.

Please support our vital work today, thank you


Marsha Williams

20 March, 2024

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Donating in honor of the work of Tom Bates who is from my community in the US. He writes articles for our local newspaper which touch my heart.

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Jenny Balman

2 March, 2024

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13 February, 2024

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23 May, 2023

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Thank you for helping these furry friends 💗

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